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Onmet Yapı Exterior Facade Cladding Blogs

Is exterior facade cladding useful?

02.08.2019 0 Exterior Facade Cladding

Is exterior facade covering useful? covering is designed to prevent heat loss due to thermal conductivity of building materials. even if the inner walls of the buildings are covered with coatings, the correct application will be made from the outside of the building [...]

Points that will be considered while doing thermal insulation

02.08.2019 1 Exterior Facade Cladding

The black plaster to be made on the facades should be on the horizontal and vertical scale and on its side.  in order to be able to carry out this application, ano is drawn on the horizontal and vertical scale and in [...]

What is Jamb?

02.08.2019 0 Building Decorations

What is jamb? it was used from different materials such as stone, marble, wood as much as the day-to-day past, and today it is prefered intensely as styrofoam. the most important reason for choosing styrofoam in insulation and building decoration is that the [...]

Benefits of Thermal Insulation

02.08.2019 0 Thermal Insulation

What are the benefits of thermal insulation?   • with heat insulation, the loss of heat from the building to the outside is reduced with no insulation, so the amount of fuel consumed for heating is also reduced. this reduction amount is between [...]

What is EPS?

02.08.2019 0 Thermal Insulation

what is eps? definition of eps: eps (expanded polystyrene) - is a thermoplastic insulation material obtained from hard foam petroleum. there are many indoor (3-6 billion in 1 m3 eps) small closed pore cells trapped in stagnant air. these pores ensure excellent heat [...]

Comparison of EPS and XPS

02.08.2019 0 Thermal Insulation

Comparison of eps and xps xps raw material is a polystyrene based material used in isolation such as eps. in our country, the difference between these two materials is emphasized due to the fact that users are misdirected without comparing prices and [...]

02.08.2019 0 Thermal Insulation


Points need to be careful about Jamb applications

02.08.2019 0 Building Decorations

Points need to be careful about jamb applications.. the models that are used in the exterior architecture, coming from seljuq empire till  today, together with jamb, add aesthetics and value as well as insulation to the buildings. the exterior complements that complete [...]

Jamb and Thermal Insulation

02.08.2019 0 Building Decorations

Jamb and thermal insulation   provides heat insulation (for eps 0,040 w/m k), (for carbon eps 0,032 w/mk)   they are ready thermal insulation plates and profiles that don’t need plaster net because its resistance to tensile strenght is more than cement based plasters because of [...]